• We chose not to trust received Cabrillo log file but to regenerate it's header based on your selections from the Web App, as V.3.0 standard. This regenerated log will be used for arbitration !
  • Uploaded files are limited to "cbr", "log" and "txt" format with max file size 150K. Any other files will be visually rejected.
  • A bare minimum log checks were implemented, where Callsign, working mode, sent report and many other error will visually be seen marked in RED. Users have to fix errors, otherwise Submitting is not possible. This is implemented due to 2023 logs errors where some players did not bother double checking and sent us wrong files and many other severe errors that had to be manually fixed by YODX team. Not gonna happen anymore !

  • Input Page, Fields Definition:
  • Callsign used in this contest:  
  • Mandatory, the callsign you used during YODX-HF CONTEST. It should match with callsign from your log file otherwise will trigger an error !
  • Email Address:  
  • Mandatory, the address where you want to receive the confirmation via email. If email address format is wrong, will trigger an error !
  • Category Operator:  
  • Mandatory, a selector where you can choose desired category from as Single or Multi operator, SWL or Checklog.
  • Category Band: 
  • Mandatory. a selector with one of 10 to 80 Meters Bands or All bands for Single Op. For MultiOp, All bands is the single choice.
  • Category Operator: 
  • Mandatory, a selector with CW, SSB or MIXED if Single Op and All bands selected. For Single Op Single Band or Multi Op, MIXED is the single choice.
  • Category Power: 
  • Mandatory, selector for LOW and HIGH. For certain categories there are no such option as LOW or HIGH, therefore "IRRESPECTIVE" term appears.
  • Category Overlay: 
  • Mandatory, a selector with No-Overlay or YN (youngster and novice operators under 18th yrs old or 3 yrs maximum from their first license )
  • Cabrillo log file: 
  • Mandatory, click to browse and selected your log file for upload.
  • Club: 
  • Not mandatory, Club name as you want.
  • Extra informations: 
  • Not mandatory, but for 2024 there is a special prize for operators under 18, prize given by YO8RXP. Use this field to tell us your age for a fair giving !
  • Button to go next , where your log will be checked for errors
    Check Page, Meanings:
  • First 2 lines shows if contest name or callsign from your log differs from what you wrote in previous page
  • Next 8 lines shows what selections you made in previous page, for double checking !
  • QSO's error checks: If no error detected, a congratulation message will appear, else will show first 20 (or less) lines containing errors!
  • Errors shown in RED by QSO checking:
  • Date or time has invalid format or outside of contest period.
  • Freq is invalid or outside of contest bands.
  • Invalid working Mode
  • Your callsing is not matching with log file
  • Sent/Received RS(T) not matching with Working Mode
  • His Callsign if standard format is not recognizible (numbers and letters)
  • For YO only, if sent number is not county prefix (see rules)
  • Questions and Answers

    Should I delete dupes from log?

    No ! As long as we do not use penalties, do yourself and others a favour and let it there !

    Can I submit Again ?

    Yes, for sure ! Submiting again will reset old values sent before and put new ones. As human beings, we do mistakes !

    (YO only) I sent serial number instead of County. Should I delete sent number and replace it with County prefix ?

    Doing so you will invalidate others QSO and still not gaining any points. As long as Web App will reject your log file in this case, you have to send it via email as Checklog. Honnor must be saved, aint it ?

    Why you rewrite my log file ?

    We do not rewrite your log file but generating a new one. Many formats, many mistakes. Someone has to work hard to corect those mistakes, some of them cannot be corected. Therefore, Web App is rebuilding it but making you more responsable about log sent to us!

    Confirmation sent back 2 files

    Yes, the one renamed with "ORIGINAL" is the one sent by you and the second one is what the software rebuilt. Also, you will receive a checksum for both files for future debates ! A checksum is a unique value who changes for each character modified in log file

    Where can I see if my log arrived ?

    When all good and you click on CLOSE button, you will be automatically redirected to received logs page and you should find your callsign there. Mouse over your callsign will extra show all category informations you have submitted via Input Page